The Data Migration Experts Large Organizations Trust.

Bull helps customers modernize and revitalize their databases and reports using modern, open technologies. As the inventors of IDS/2, landmark software that pioneered high-performance database computing in the enterprise, Bull has a long history and passion for working with the most modern and efficient database technologies available.

Today, Bull continues its tradition of work in high-performance computing, helping clients upgrade out of obsolete, slow, expensive, or hard-to-maintain legacy databases. We often recommend insuring against future by using a professional, performance-tested open standard such as PostgreSQL.

Bull also offers a la carte consulting services that can help organizations with the migration process from expensive proprietary databases, such as Oracle, or from a legacy non-relational database. We can provide support, training, performance analysis, and other services.

We offer a complimentary consultation to examine your needs.The professional craftsmanship that goes into every database migration is only matched by our record for delivering on-time and on budget.

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